Electric Bicycles

small-stromerFor the first time, Helm of Sun Valley in San Mateo (part of the San Francisco Bay Area) is selling and renting electric bikes! We are excited about this venture and passionately supporting “green” commuting in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and “keep Tahoe blue” (or “white” really) for our winter season! Electric bikes are a truly enjoyable and practical method for your commuting, whether it’s just down to the grocery store or all the way to work. You might even WANT to go to work if you’re riding an electric bike! We carry one of the largest selections of E-bikes in the San Francisco Bay Area.  A variety of bikes designed to accommodate your needs ranging in price, power, and riding style from companies such as Prodeco, Stromer, and Emazing, IZip and Volton. Come by our shop in San Mateo today to ride one for free and learn more about the benefits of riding an electric bike by reading our article below, entitled “Why Ride an Electric Bike?” Or, go directly to our sales website to see what we carry.



Why Ride an Electric Bike?

1-Enjoyable Exercise

“Enjoyable” and “exercise” aren’t two words that usually go together, but it’s a combination made possible by electric bikes. An electric bike takes the drudgery out of riding a bike — it transforms the monotony of the flats into the thrill of going downhill, and takes the sting out of hills. You laugh at headwinds. It makes riding a bike easy again. But at the same time, you can choose the amount of exercise that fits your needs. Most electric bikes are “pedal assist”. That means that when you pedal (i.e. exercise), the motor gives you a boost. You can adjust your amount of exercise by selecting the amount of boost on your bike. Select a little boost and you do most of the work. Select a big boost and the bike does most of the work. What will really make a difference in your overall level of exercise is the fact that riding an electric bike is so much fun, you’ll be riding it all the time. “I never rode my regular bike 31 miles round trip to work, but now I ride my e-bike all the time, and surprise, surprise – it’s really fun! I hardly notice it’s exercise.” – Gary, electric bike owner


Anything that gets your blood pumping and your adrenaline flowing is good for your mental health. It reduces anxiety and can even improve your self confidence. For too many people, riding a regular bike is too much work, but on an electric bike it becomes a joyride. When you ride, you’re in the moment…feeling the wind on your face, and taking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. All of your stress is left behind.


Well, you might not save the world, but you will save your own little part. Replace a car with an electric bike for all your daily commutes (work, grocery store, bank, etc.), and you won’t just be helping yourself – you’ll be helping the environment, too. Ride down to the grocery store, zip past all those filled parking spaces, go right up to the front door, and pick up the items you need — all without emitting any of the greenhouse gases that cars do.


Riding any kind of bike just brings you back to your youth. An electric bike does it even more. You can go faster and farther with less work while regaining that feeling of freedom.

Still not convinced? Come to our main shop today to try one out for free!